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Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine Review

Using a tennis ball machine is a great way to improve your game, even if you don’t have a hitting partner to play with, and one of the most popular options is the Spinfire Pro 2 Ball machine.

You can work on your fitness, technique or movement patterns with a ball machine.

Not only that, but you can of course set up a ball machine to shoot the ball exactly where you want them, and decide on the pace, spin and frequency of shots.

This makes them great for creating consistent drills that you can follow.

Nowadays, there are a wide range of ball machine manufacturers on the market, creating stiff competition for the title of the best tennis ball machine.

From Lobster, to Tennis Twist, there are many different takes on the ball machine.

From powerful, large capacity machines to portable feeders that can be taken anywhere, there is a wide variety to choose from.

One company that prides itself on its simple, but high quality devices is Spinfire.

Their top of the range Spinfire Pro 2 is a great all rounder that seeks to deliver all of the features of a more substantial machine, in a sleek and maneuverable package.

But what is it that sets Spinfire apart from all of the other ball machine manufacturers out there?

Well, let’s find out!

Who Are Spinfire?

The Australian owned company is renowned for their high quality, innovative approach to building outstanding tennis ball machines.

They seek to cater for tennis players the world over, and they can achieve this with their global delivery service.

The Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

The Spinfire Pro 2 Ball machine sports a sleek, stylish and compact design that makes you stand out from the crowd.

It is a high quality, reliable ball machine that can operate off both battery and AC power.

This gives you the most flexibility possible, as you can use the machine remotely, positioning it anywhere you like on the court, or have the machine in a fixed location and run it endlessly.

The Spinfire Pro 2 offers all of the benefits of a high quality, fully automated ball machine without the hefty price tag.

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