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Head Ti S6

Looking for your first tennis racket? In this Head Ti S6 review we’ll be putting one of the most popular entry level rackets to the test and explaining what makes it the perfect tennis racket for a beginner.

Head Ti S6 Racket Specs

Length27.75 inch / 70 cm

Head Size115 in² / 742 cm²

String Pattern16 Mains / 19 CrossesUnstrung

Weight8.0 oz / 225 gStrung Weight8.9 oz / 252 g

Balance8 pts Head Heavy / 385 mm

CompositionTitanium Graphite CompositeBeam

Width28.5 mm


String Tension57 – 66 pounds

Head Titanium Ti S6 Design Features

Extra Racket Length

The Head Ti S6 is every so slightly longer than most other tennis rackets on the market. It measures in at 27.75 inches or 70 cm, compared to the standard 27 inch tennis racket. That may not seem like much, but the extra 3/4 inches just gets you that little bit closer to the ball on contact and can really make a difference if you’re new to tennis.

Larger Head Size & Sweet Spot

Perhaps the most important feature of the Head Ti S6 is just how big it is. With a racket head size of 115 sq inches, it’s one of the biggest tennis rackets on the market, which is ideal for players picking up a racket for the first time. In tennis, a larger head size on a racket usually means it will have a larger sweet spot. So naturally, the Head Ti S6 has a huge sweet spot, which means your shots will still feel comfortable even if you hit slightly off-centre. A larger head size also provides more power. So naturally, with a head size of 115 sq inches, the Head Ti S6 is a very powerful racket. As you’d expect, it also just makes it easier to get a racket on the ball.

Lightweight Frame & Head Heavy Balance

Weighing in at 255 grams when strung, the Head Ti S6 is built using a weave of titanium and graphite fibres making it a very light racket even when compared to other beginner level rackets. It’s also a head heavy racket (8 points head heavy), which means the racket’s balance is shifted towards the head of the racket. The low frame weight and head heavy setup makes the Head Ti S6 really easy to swing. It also makes it a very comfortable racket to play with and is easy on the arm, which can be particularly useful if you suffer from any wrist or arm injuries. That’s ideal for players who might struggle a bit with their technique.

Racquet Testing Setup

As an entry level racket, the Head Ti S6 usually comes pre-strung from factory with Head Synthetic Gut at around 61 lbs, which is exactly how we tested it. Just keep in mind that tennis strings lose tension over time, so there’s a good chance the string tension was a bit below the original 61 lbs.

Pro Tip: synthetic gut strings are softer strings that lose tension fairly quickly, which just enhance the power the Head Ti S6 provides. If you need your racket restringing, ask the stringer to use polyester strings rather than synthetic gut. Poly strings are stiffer and last much longer than synthetic gut, so they’ll hold their tension better and will offer a little extra control.


While it’s one of the best tennis rackets for beginners, there is one key limitation. The huge head size and light weight means the Head Ti S6 is a relatively powerful racket. That’s great for entry level players, but you may quickly find yourself wanting more control over the ball as you progress and become more of an intermediate player. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do at that point other than upgrade your racket. That being said, it will usually take new players a while to reach that stage and the Head Ti S6 will certainly be a fantastic first racket.

Compared To Other Rackets

As one of several rackets in the Head Titanium rackets line-up, the Ti S6 is most often compared to the Head Ti S5 and the Ti S7 (which has now been discontinued). This rackets sits somewhere between the two and offers more control than the Head Ti S7, but more power than the Ti S5. As for comparing it to other beginner level rackets on the market, the thing that stands out the most about the Head Ti S6 is the racket head size. At 115 sq inches, it’s one of of the largest frames out there, which makes it fairly unique. It’s also extremely light, even when compared to the more modern rackets. For example, it’s a significantly bigger and lighter racket than the Head Graphene XT Instinct S, which is a more modern alternative to the Ti S6.

FAQs About the Head Ti S6

Which is better the Ti S5 or Ti S6 Head tennis racket?

Well, it depends on your game. The Head Ti S6 is a more powerful racket with a bigger head size, which makes perfectly suited to entry level players. It’s also very slightly heavier than the Head Ti S5, which has a smaller head size and offers a little more control, which is better suited to intermediate level players.

When did the Head Ti S6 first come out?

The Head Ti S6 was first released in 1996. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most popular rackets on the market today, particularly amongst beginners and senior players.

Is the Head Ti S6 a good racket for junior players?

Honestly, we’d say no. While it’s a great racket for beginners, it doesn’t quite suit junior players because it’s such a power oriented racket. Particular for juniors, we’d suggest going for more of a control oriented racket with a slightly smaller head size.

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